Energy and Power Water Treatment in Upstate NY

Winter Industrial Water has a ton of experience when it comes to providing water treatment solutions to the energy industry in Upstate NY. We create fully customized and flexible solutions to meet the rigorous demand of energy and power production. Once you have had your on-site water analysis, a Winter Industrial Water technician will engineer a specific modular system to serve as your high quality water treatment solution. All of our systems can be skid-mounted or contained on flatbeds for full mobility. This type of flexibility is perfect for peaking plants in remote areas requiring strong materials for power grids.


  • RO or ultra-softwater water for oil field steam injectors
  • Cooling tower make-up water
  • Oil platform drinking water systems
  • Wastewater discharge for regulatory compliance
  • Micro-organism control
  • Water re-use and wastewater minimization

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Energy & Power Water Treatment Solutions

Fast Implementation Means Making the Most of Resources

Our innovative, modular design allows Winter Industrial Water system to be 100% tailored for your specific water treatment needs. At the same time, we are able to provide our treatment solutions with one of the quickest turnaround times on the market. Every system we design is customized and implemented as efficiently as possible so your operation can reduce opportunity costs and run at a competitive level.

The Ability to Provide a Complete Solution

The Winter Industrial Water’s modular design will allow for a total customization to adhere to ultra-soft water requirements for oil field steam generators. From mobile systems that move across drilling sites to permanent installation, Winter Industrial Water will exceed your needs by building a system to your specific water, process and installation parameters.

Return on Investment (ROI)

At Winter Industrial Water we know that it is important that you see a return on your investment. Our application engineers will select modules to make sure you hit your goals and increase profitability. By utilizing a pre-treatment module for boilers and steam generators, Winter Industrial Water can reduce scale build-up on heating elements. Feed water treated with reverse osmosis reduces total dissolved solids, leading to significant enhancement in equipment lifespan, reduced maintenance costs, and a higher ROI.

Reduce Wastewater and Build Resource Sustainability

Winter Industrial Water experts evaluate all options for reducing wastewater while engineering each water treatment solution. Reverse Osmosis, De-ionization, Ion Exchange, and Ultra-filtration allow the reuse of wastewater in other parts of production, and may lower overall wastewater discharge. We can help you meet all water related environmental regulations set forth by the state of New York.

Superior Electronic Capability for Dependable Production

Winter Industrial Water uses cost saving operating data logging, remote monitoring and telemetry to examine and trend the performance of our water treatment systems. With access to this important data, customers can take action to foster consistency of production while lowering business risk.

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